With Birmingham having many clubs nowadays, it has become difficult to choose among the clubs on where to go for weekends. Most people are always searching for the best places to go and chill with friends as they take cocktails and hear a tune of soft music playing in the air. It is for this reason that most people are now changing from going to their regular clubs and visiting new bars in town to enjoy themselves. Birmingham has the funkiest drinking venues which one shouldn't be missing by going to the same club every weekend.

Among interesting bars in Birmingham is the Bacchus, anyone who needs a place for quiet drinks and a relaxed atmosphere should visit this bars in birmingham . It has a nice interior with a cool atmosphere mixed with arts of past cultures of Greece, Rome, and Egypt. Another interesting bar in Birmingham for cocktails and drinks is The Jam House. This is the best place for good music directed by Jools Holland. For those out with friends, the soft music played here won't make you shout while talking to friends because Holland's Rhythm and Blues alongside other extremely talented musicians and singers frequently play. The mix of people in this bar is between the ages of 30-40 because it is the best place for people looking for a night out full of culture.

One of the other interesting bar in Birmingham is Angels Caf? Bar which is known for its environment composed of cool atmosphere and lively tunes. This bar is popular among those people who like partying in places with live music being played in the air by experienced DJs. This club is always considered by a mix of people aged 20 and the poor but classy people because of its cheap drinks, especially during weekdays.  This cub is preferable during the weekends because of the mixed scene, however, whatever day one visit the club will always be guaranteed of a friendly, fashionable and open-minded atmosphere. Go to and read more about some related topics.

Birmingham's numbers of restaurants are perfectly offset by a number of varied pubs where one can take a break from the hustle of the city streets and enjoy refreshing drinks. From the varied pubs, there are lots of pre-clubbing places, student nights and bars in bristol to choose from. Apart from the eating and drinking, there is more to see in Birmingham.  The heritage of the city which dates back to the Middle Ages is situated in Aston Hall and one can visit this place if he/she wants to take some history or culture.